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Email Instructions

Step 1. Copy the template

Step 2. Click the email button

Step 3. Paste the template

Step 4. Fill in the blanks

Step 5. Click send!


Step 1. Copy the template

Email Template

President Kennedy and Regents,


I am a [student, faculty member, staff member] from the [X] department at the [X] campus. 


I am writing to stand in solidarity with diversifyCUnow to demand that you pass the Resolution presented in your 6/18 meeting by Jack Kroll as soon as possible. Even further, we demand this Resolution be passed with amended antiracist language provided from the BIPOC students, staff and faculty. 


It’s high time the university administration (you) takes impactful action surrounding justice and equity for BIPOC students, faculty, and staff. We are tired of watching you talk in circles around these issues without taking action. As elected officials, you are accountable to your constituents and you have a responsibility to ensure all students, faculty, and staff feel safe, comfortable, and empowered on campus. Our BIPOC students, staff and faculty continue to communicate that they are not, and yet nothing is done to acknowledge them.


If you don’t pass this Resolution, we will show up again and again to demand you not only take responsibility for the toxic environment that exists for our BIPOC community on CU campuses, but that you take urgent action to show our BIPOC students, staff, faculty and administration that you are dedicated to being active antiracists.


See you tomorrow at your meeting. We’ll be watching. 


[Your name]

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