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A focus on CU President Mark Kennedy's career in business.

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Global Retail Business Development Lead at Accenture
After leaving Congress, Kennedy served as a leader in the professional services company, when they moved their headquarters from Bermuda to Ireland in 2009. Both countries are known as tax havens, and in 2012 it was revealed that Accenture had been paying 3.5% in taxes, much lower than the national average rate of 24%.


Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Department 56
As an officer of the holiday-themed retailer, Kennedy oversaw finances during 20% swings in stock prices for investors.


Senior Executive Vice President at ShopKo Stores
During his time at ShopKo, Kennedy was responsible for merchandising, marketing, and store management. The company's performance during this time fluctuates.


Senior Vice President and Treasurer at Federated Department Stores
In April of 1988, Federated lost a fight to withstand a takeover by Campeau. Then in 1990, the company filed for bankruptcy in the same year that a $1 billion tax claim was filed by the IRS against them.


Director of Finance at Pillsbury Company
Though Kennedy had never held a directorial position, he began his corporate career as the Director of Finance at a multi-billion dollar, multinational company. In 1989, Pillsbury was acquired by Grand Metropolitan in a hostile takeover after turning in a weak financial performance due to passive marketing techniques.


Graduates with Masters in Business Administration
from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business


Certified Public Accountant
Not much is known about this time in Kennedy's life, as his CV does not elaborate on this period.


Graduates with Bachelor of Science
from St. John's University
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