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Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds



Storm Clouds


Let them know that the resolution

must be passed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

with stronger antiracist language provided

by BIPOC students, staff and faculty!

Storm Clouds

We need your help!

Make sure the Regents hear us loud and clear!

The Media Storm

On Aug 11th post  to Twitter (click on the image or text for more info)

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On Aug 11th post to Facebook (click on the image on text for more info)

Get #weCUregents trending

On Aug 11th post on your Instagram (click on image or text for more info)

Get #weCUregents trending

On Aug 11th email Regents using this prompt! (click on the image or text for email)

Fill their inboxes!

What is happening with the Regents right now? (update from 8/4/20)

Last week over 100 people joined us for live chat during the Watch Party of the Regent's joint committee meeting on August 4, 2020. The Regents heard from President Kennedy, Chief Diversity Officer Theodosia Cook, and from each Chancellor at CU's four campuses. Each presenter spoke about the ongoing "diversity and inclusion" efforts happening at each campus. Only one presenter made it clear (Theodosia Cook) they have been and will be consulting BIPOC members for their work. 


The Regents who were present then each made statements. Some mentioned accountability, which is good, but mostly the message from the Regents was that they need more reports. Reports don't change people's lives, and reports don't make BIPOC members feel safe nor comfortable on campus! The discussion on diversifyCUnow's live chat emphasized we do not support blanket statements and we can see right through general statements chosen to try and make leaders look good to the Regents. This is not the time to try and look good. This is the time to admit your inaction has perpetuated the lack of ethnic diversity. This is the time to demonstrate how you are going to do better.

A few people in the committee meeting kept bringing up that there are "different forms" of diversity and we should be including diversity of thought. This is a well known rhetoric used to deflect from the main issue at hand - BIPOC students do not feel safe nor comfortable on campus.

There is no need for reports.

The Regents need to take impactful action NOW!

What is a Regent?

'The Board of Regents consists of nine members serving staggered six-year terms, one elected from each of Colorado's seven congressional districts and two from the state at large. The board is charged constitutionally with the general supervision of the university and the exclusive control and direction of all funds of and appropriations to the university unless otherwise provided by law.'
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Who are the CU Regents?

CU has nine regents with majority being Republican-affiliated. See CU's official page for more information.

Democrat Regents

Republican Regents

8/12/20 Regent Meeting

Click the button if you'd like to watch the Regent meeting 10:00 am on 8/12/20
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