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Watch Party

Regent Candidate Debate on Monday,

October 5th from 3:00-4:30 pm
Tune in with diversifyCUnow!


CLICK HERE to register for the event

You can join our live discussion on discord where you can comment and question during the meeting

(make sure you are in the #regent-debate channel)

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Why do we care about this debate so much?

The nine Regents have been majority Republican for over 40 years. In the upcoming election in November, there is an opportunity to flip the majority to Democrat if the voters choose Ilana Spiegel. diversifyCUnow wants to hear from both candidates about where they stand on a lot of things, but most of all how they plan to center themselves around antiracism.

The debate on Monday 10/5 is for the 6th Congressional District, encompasses a wide swath of the north, east and south Denver area. Republican Richard Murray and Democrat Ilana Spiegel are the major-party candidates vying for the seat being vacated by Republican John Carson. John was elected in 2014 and is not seeking a second term on the board.

What is a Regent?

The Board of Regents consists of elected members from across the state charged constitutionally with the general supervision of the university and the exclusive control and direction of all funds of and appropriations to the university.

The Regents at the University of Colorado are responsible for all campuses including: Anschutz medical campus, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. They are voted in during state elections by Coloradans. There are nine Regents that serve 6-year terms.
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Who are the current CU Regents?

CU has nine regents with majority being Republican-affiliated. See CU's official page for more information.

Democrat Regents

Republican Regents

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