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Here you can sign the diversifyCUnow letter, the DiversifyCUBoulderNOW petition, and explore other petitions created by CU members not necessarily affiliated with diversifyCUnow. 

CU President Mark Kennedy has a history of racist/problematic statements and actions. See here for more info.


The Board of Regents will be discussing his annual review during their June 2021 board meeting. Click the button above to sign a letter to the Regents calling for them to terminate CU President Mark Kennedy's contract.

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* The DiversifyCUBoulderNOW petition was written for the Boulder campus. The authors would be happy to help craft a petition for your campus, too! Contact us HERE

Do you want your BIPOC voice/student organization represented in diversifyCUnow's efforts? Contact us!

We are here to support and amplify in any way we can.


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This petition was created among students in the physics department to show support and urgency for the anti-racist document recently created by the physics department's

This petition was created by Meha Khanna a political science student at CU Boulder

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