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Divesting from CUPD to Invest in BIPOC

Check out DIVEST2INVEST's website for resources regarding divestment and racial justice


Scroll through a roadmap regarding divestment and racial justice, click to enlarge items

Divest2Invest Press Conference

CU BIPOC students and staff hosted a press conference with Colorado House Representative Leslie Herod to demand funds be divested from CUPD and invested in CU BIPOC.




diversifyCUnow’s involvement was in hosting this event through our Facebook page.

We appreciate your support of the BIPOC students and staff who organized and coordinated this event

with Representative Herod and think watching this recording can be helpful to you.

The Missing BIPOC People of CU Boulder

DIVEST2INVEST members Gwendalynn Roebke and Alejandra Abad created temporary art installments that sat outside the Norlin Library of CU Boulder's main campus every week day for a week at the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. The cardboard silhouettes represented the missing representation, retention, and recruitment of BIPOC students. 

More can be read more about the installation: here and here

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