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What to Post



Our goal is to get the resolution passed with STRONGER antiracist language with input provided by BIPOC students, staff and faculty.

In order to let the Regents know, here are some Instagram squares you can post. Post them as many times you'd like and share them on your story.

Make sure you use #weCUregents, tag @diversifyCUnow, and also tag any or all of the handles below.

Let's get #weCUregents trending 

@diversifyCUnow #weCUregents

The Regents on Instagram:




* Most Regents are on Twitter and their handles are listed on the Twitter storm page on this site.

Other important handles: 








  • Our students do not feel safe on campus and no one is doing anything about it! 

  • Do better, Regents! Show up for your BIPOC community today!

  • What if it were your son or daughter who didn’t feel safe @CUsystem?

  • Pretend it was your grandson who didn’t feel safe @CUsystem

  • Pretend it was your granddaughter who didn’t feel safe @CUsystem

  • The opposite of racist is antiracist. There is no such thing as “not racist.” 

  • You say you care but then you do nothing! Show up today, Regents!

  • Re-educate yourselves, Regents!

  • Update your vocabulary, Regents! Antiracism is in, racism is out.

  • Leaders should lead this effort! Why aren’t you leading?

  • Your lack of action shows you are the problem!

  • Why don’t the Regents get it? Approve the Resolution now and do your part in eradicating racism at CU!

  • Be antiracist! Start today! Everyone is doing it!

  • Raising awareness doesn’t correct injustice! You must act!

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Amplify the voices of those most oppressed. Today and everyday.

  • Get into good trouble

  • “Racists define racism in a way that exonerates them.” Ibram X. Kendi

  • Re-educate yourselves NOW so we can @diversifyCUnow!

  • Listen to the BIPOC @CUsystem community

  • Listen to us. We care. So should you!

  • Racism is so American that when you protest it people think you are protesting America

  • No justice no peace

  • Silence is violence

  • Your actions today matter. We are watching and want change!

Images to Post

Pass the Resolution University of Colorado Boulder
Pass the Resolution University of Colorado Anschutz
Pass the Resolution University of Denver
Pass the Resolution University of Colorado Colorado Springs
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